Alexander Landman Realty.

The personal touch in a high tech industry.

The name gives agents instant recognition and the reputation as the fastest growing real estate company in Texas. It's growth and success comes from great agents. Their broad knowledge, experience, hard work, and dedication to service is what makes Alexander Landman Realty a recognized leader in the industry. Built on the pillars of financial stability, superior training, powerful marketing, cutting-edge technology, and career building opportunities we strive to becoming the best..

What Sets us apart?

Real Estate Technology

Alexander Landman Realty Inc. is always on the search and implementation of new and useful technologies. Modern and unique solutions to hard and repetitive tasks designed to reduce NON real estate related work. Social media, video, mobile and web tools are used to engage with prospects and serve clients in their comfort zone. We use technology in real estate to serve agents as well as market place. Find out more about our Real Estate Technology

Real Estate Training

Training and learning is an on going process. Alexander Landman Realty is constantly providing agents, real estate training and coaching while using the latest methods and tools. Delivering high quality, up to date real estate and business related education has never been so efficient. Access digital and multimedia presentations at your own pace and form the comfort of your home. National and International experts deliver life changing coaching classes via recorded and live webinars. Find out more about Real Estate Training

Real Estate Marketing

The marketing system used by Alexander Landman Realty leaves nothing to chance. Custom built for every situation by top marketing, communication and web design team. Each property and every message is delivered with a laser focused method. Our marketing is done by the company so our agents don't have to become experts. We use print, web, video, social media, PDF, QR codes, Text to call, Texas to Info, yard and street singes as well as automated web marketing campaigns. Find out more about our Real Estate Marketing

Freedom In Real Estate

Real estate is your business and we develop your business together. Our goal is to allow our agents to grow a real business and a continues reliable income stream. Alexander Landman Realty aims to provide the agents all the tools to work from the freedom of their laptop, set their own working hours and level of income. Our top agents work from home, attend training from their computers or cell phones and decide their income level. We give the support and know-how.

Commission Plan

Alexander Landman Realty is bringing innovation to the Commission and Compensation plans. The combination of some of the wolds best compensation plans together with unique approach to commission split has become the first Multi Level Payment Plan in real estate. Our agents make money for their own work as well as for the work of the teams and team members they create and build. We Pay YOU t o Build Your Business. Find out more about our commission plans.